Elvis: what happened?
(“rejoice, for the King ain’t lost his crown,
he’s still here,
you are not alone”)

10348518_10152902122682996_4101763882027894862_n (2)

I’ve just finished reading the second volume of Peter Guralnick’s Elvis biography “Careless Love: the unmaking of Elvis Presley”. Incredibly, in this year 2015, Elvis would have reached the grand old age of 80.
I’ve been a major Elvis fan for most of my life and I’ve probably read my own body weight in Elvis books. At one point I was probably some kind of Elvis expert, I could quote numerous trivia and minutiae regarding the man, from his pre and post death body weight to his favourite recipes, most of which required burnt bacon, the odd squirrel or 6, and lashings of peanut butter…… … Read more »

My new significant other……

Everybody, meet my new significant other…..



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It must be Christmas…..
here comes the Reaper!


Well hey it must be Christmas……lots of people are dropping dead! Mr Reaper always has shed loads of fun in the Festive season, I’ll expect some major disaster in a far flung corner of the Empire on either Christmas day or Boxing day, it’s par for the course and the Grim one’s idea of fun, bless him!

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Here’s the news……permanently!


A mad person with a gun has killed a number of men/women/children ( delete where applicable ) at a school in America. This is mostly down to the psychosis caused by modern life, but also by serious greed on behalf of the arms dealers/weapons industry. Totally outdated and irrational gun laws play a major part too … Read more »

Welcome to the Modern World – Amazing Myths and Legends no.3: Elvis’ Roswell tech


The image of Elvis wearing his gold TCB ( taking care of business, in a flash ) sunglasses is a familiar one. From 1970, it was rare to see Elvis without these shades, and they were first seen in the film “Elvis: That’s the way it is”. … Read more »

Jem Penney RIP
12th December 1957 –
5th August 2014

Dick Dale and Jem Penney the Garage London 1995

Today, at 4.00 a.m., my dear friend Jem Penney breathed his last, in this life anyway. A mutual friend called me first thing this morning to break the news, she’d seen Jem’s Ma and Sister and they told her Jem had passed. Whilst I was dreadfully upset, I was also thankful that his suffering had ended. He’d been totally disabled by the last stages of his M.S. for over a year, and as far as I can ascertain he’d contracted Pneumonia, and as is with many people, Alfie Ruffle and Joan McCready included, it killed him. … Read more »

Welcome to the Modern World – Amazing Myths and Legends no.2: The real Yellow Submarine –
John Lennon and Vril technology


In 1967 John Lennon introduced John “Magic” Alexis Mardas to the other Beatles as “my new guru”. Magic Alex had made Lennon’s acquaintance via John Dunbar, the owner of the Indica gallery, who shared a flat with Alex on Bentinck Street. Alex had entered Britain from Greece at the age of twenty-one on a student visa, and had been a tv repairman for Olympic electronics. … Read more »

Welcome to the Modern World – Amazing Myths and Legends no.1: Jimi Hendrix, a Beatle,
Just for one day!


According to Hunter Davis’ definitive Beatles bio, sometime in early Spring 1967, whilst recording Sgt Pepper, Paul McCartney and George Harrison had a major row, which resulted in George storming out of Abbey road studios, telling Paul to “stick it up yer jacksie, I quit!”

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Every where they walk
a love light shines

Ada Ada Ruffle and Terence Ruffle (362 x 600)

In ancient times my soul was shaped
In Christ’s white light my body draped
My perfect flesh from vials of gold
The breath of saints I do behold

My linage genes immaculate
My skin and bones they will not hate
My brain evolved out in deep space
Where Hermes made my pretty face

Now my powers  never ending
And my spirit all ascending
Nephilim and Angels tall
Come to praise and exalt all

God, Homosexuals and the Weather

John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_Gomorrah (600 x 384)

I read with some interest what UKIP councillor David Sylvester ( a pretty ironic surname! ) said about the recent appalling weather.

“I wrote to David Cameron in April 2012 to warn him that disasters would accompany the passage of his same sex marriage Bill,” wrote David Silvester, who quit the Conservative party in protest at David Cameron’s decision to support same-sex marriage.
“But he went ahead”, he continued, “despite a 600,000-signature petition by concerned Christians and more than half of his own parliamentary party saying that he should not do so.” … Read more »