David Bowie was my friend……

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David Bowie was my friend. Sadly not literally but certainly spiritually. When all the world hurt, and I thought no one cared, I could listen to him. He’d re-affirm my anger, sooth my fevered brow and remind me that things would work out. With his death, we haven’t just lost the biggest cultural icon since Elvis, we’ve lost our barometer for cool, our guide to all that was out there and crazy, and weird and good.

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Kat Young – the comeback,
Christmas 2015

Kat Young

I’m listening to Jordan: The comeback, by Prefab Sprout. It evokes such strong feelings of Kat Young and Florida, and of Christmas 1990 for me. It was number one on our playlist then.
The songs bring Kat’s persona back to me; pretty and sassy, fiery and red headed, naughty but together, classy and sexy, gentle and loving.

There’s an Elvis thread running through several songs on Jordan, and my love of Elvis may have peaked post America. Tho’ there’s such rich imagery in the lyrics I also see the Old West, ( does anyone else hear minor Smile-isms?) old age, mortality, loss and death too. More pertinent to me now than ever…… … Read more »

Love is letting go of fear

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I had a very odd dream a few months ago: in it I was diagnosed with terminal Cancer and the Quack told me I had a mere 3 months to live. I guess the dream was no doubt inspired by poor old Wilco Johnson’s recent brush with the Reaper, tho’ I’m happy to say he’s doing fine and Cancer free. Anyways, it was a beautiful day, and as I left the surgery the sun shone warm and brightly, and the birds were singing loud enough for me to hear. I thought that if indeed I only had 3 months of my life left to live, would I really want to feel bad or negative about anything for the rest of my days? … Read more »



I gave up drinking every day several years ago. I told my close friends I would, and most of them laughed very hard. Being a musician means a lot of down time: and what do you do whilst you’re travelling to gigs/waiting to soundcheck/waiting to perform? You have a drink, that’s what you do. Out of all the drugs Rock’n’Rollers take, booze is certainly the most popular by far…… … Read more »

The General Erection
( with apologies to Doctor Winston O’Boogie )


I’ve been racking my brains in an attempt to write one final rant about politics, especially in the run up to the general election.
One last rant Terence, you ask, shurely shome mishtake? I hear you cry, but no, you hear me right…… … Read more »

Terence Ruffle’s adventures in the NHS


This last week has been somewhat “NHS- tastic” for me. It started with a friend being rushed to A&E in an ambulance…….only to join 9 other ambulances waiting outside the hospital. My friend arrived around 10.00 p.m., and at 4.30 a.m. the next day she was finally admitted…..to the resuscitation ward. Ten ambulances with real human beings in them were waiting outside of A&E for a bed to become free. My friend waited for six and a half hours before they were able to accommodate her. … Read more »

Elvis: what happened?
(“rejoice, for the King ain’t lost his crown,
he’s still here,
you are not alone”)

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I’ve just finished reading the second volume of Peter Guralnick’s Elvis biography “Careless Love: the unmaking of Elvis Presley”. Incredibly, in this year 2015, Elvis would have reached the grand old age of 80.
I’ve been a major Elvis fan for most of my life and I’ve probably read my own body weight in Elvis books. At one point I was probably some kind of Elvis expert, I could quote numerous trivia and minutiae regarding the man, from his pre and post death body weight to his favourite recipes, most of which required burnt bacon, the odd squirrel or 6, and lashings of peanut butter…… … Read more »

My new significant other……

Everybody, meet my new significant other…..



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It must be Christmas…..
here comes the Reaper!


Well hey it must be Christmas……lots of people are dropping dead! Mr Reaper always has shed loads of fun in the Festive season, I’ll expect some major disaster in a far flung corner of the Empire on either Christmas day or Boxing day, it’s par for the course and the Grim one’s idea of fun, bless him!

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Here’s the news……permanently!


A mad person with a gun has killed a number of men/women/children ( delete where applicable ) at a school in America. This is mostly down to the psychosis caused by modern life, but also by serious greed on behalf of the arms dealers/weapons industry. Totally outdated and irrational gun laws play a major part too … Read more »