Somebody put something in my drink……

I returned to the Costa Blanca recently, with the intention of finding out exactly what the situation was like there for a jobbing musician. I did a lot of foot work, and knocked on quite a few doors and networked with a few people that had been or were in the business. It turns out that the wage for a singer there is pretty awful: an average of 50 Euros a gig, probably somewhere like a third of what I receive here, when I am actually able to gig, which is very rare nowadays……. … Read more »

Just because……xx

George Wombwell: post script……

In light of my cousin Shaun Everett’s excellent new book ( part two of his proposed three part George Wombwell biography ) I feel there’s a couple of things that I need to say about my own writings on George, an addendum if you like. … Read more »

I want my own planet!


I was at the tram station in Villajoyosa late one evening recently. Behind the station there’s one of the two stray cat colonies in the town. I had fifteen minutes before my tram was due, so I went over to see if I could make a new friend.
Last year when I’d been at the other end of town early one evening, I’d seen an elderly fellow, probably in his late seventies, feeding the other colony, with what looked like fish. He had a sholley and every so often he’d pull something from it wrapped in paper. He’d lay it in the road near a parked car, and the cats made a bee line for it. I smiled at the old boy and put my thumbs up and thanked him, what a dear, sweet man. … Read more »

The General Election, June 8th 2017 – A party political broadcast on behalf of the
Self Serving Bastards party

Hello. We at the SSB party just want to assure everyone that despite all the rhetoric, bullshit, lies and garrulous mutterings, there will be no change for our society on the horizon. We will continue to fleece and rob the common man ( and woman ) of every penny they have, to share with our rich sponsors. … Read more »

Terence Ruffle’s Church of Love


Everything is consciousness.

And we know the ego is a remnant of the “big lizard” and but a deception.

Join Terence Ruffle’s Church of My Love and realise a bigger picture: the world is love and we are being lived.

Surrender to the rhythm.

And live in total love, completely without fear.

It’s as simple as it sounds: peace and love.

We’ve never tried it before, and here’s our chance, before it passes us by.

We are here.

C’mon y’all, let’s Rock’n’Roll!

Time trippin’ with a
Teenage Head…..




I’m listening to Brain Capers by Mott the Hoople. I’m instantly transported back to Will’s bedroom at the Wave House, Heybridge, in the early 1970’s, and I can smell some nice incense. It’s either the Catholic church incense which he used to nick from the church, or an Indian Sandalwood.

I advised Will to buy the album from Mid Essex television in Maldon, essentially a tv/radio shop in the late 60’s/early 70’s, that had a nice selection of vinyl. I remember buying Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits from there in 1970. … Read more »

Terence’s adventures on the Iberian peninsula part two: Benidorm




( As we drove away from my flat to the airport, the Lion Kat suddenly appeared on the kerb opposite and gave me a seriously sad look. I wound the window down and told her I loved her and said I’d be back, eventually. But I digress……)

Benidorm, hmm, well one could morph it’s etymology and say it means sleep well ( duerma bien in Spanish ) and I’m sure that many of the Brits that go there do sleep exceedingly well……after consuming 73 pints of lager, 13 pies and a wheel barrow full of chips, standard Benidorm fare. … Read more »

Terence’s adventures on the Iberian Peninsula part one: Paradis……




Inspired by my old mate Cabbie Mick, and given much encouragement by my dear friend Al Wall, I decided to take a trip to southern Spain. It’s been at least 10 years since I travelled alone, so initially the thought was pretty terrifying, but Al gave me much encouragement and allayed a lot of my fears. I used to love travelling alone back and forth from Miami ( which I did at least a half dozen times ) and I always made a new acquaintance and had some sort of fun. I decided to channel my old self, and as it happened, it worked a treat…… … Read more »

The War in Syria and other fables

Is there really a war in Syria? Judging by all the refugees in Europe, yes, there really is. Sadly, if we look at the “official figures” relating to all the migrants in Europe, we see that well over half of those refugees are from Afghanistan and Iraq and numerous other countries. And before you say “isn’t it bleedin’ obvious? it’s in the news”,  I have to say right now, I simply don’t believe 99.9% of what our “media” tells us. … Read more »