I want my own planet!


I was at the tram station in Villajoyosa late one evening recently. Behind the station there’s one of the two stray cat colonies in the town. I had fifteen minutes before my tram was due, so I went over to see if I could make a new friend.
Last year when I’d been at the other end of town early one evening, I’d seen an elderly fellow, probably in his late seventies, feeding the other colony, with what looked like fish. He had a sholley and every so often he’d pull something from it wrapped in paper. He’d lay it in the road near a parked car, and the cats made a bee line for it. I smiled at the old boy and put my thumbs up and thanked him, what a dear, sweet man.

I could see cat food and clean water organised discreetly at the end of the car park by the tram station. Perhaps it was my friend from the previous year? Suddenly I was aware of a wee cat, painfully thin, nuzzling my ankles. It had serious mange and what looked like sores all over its body. I guess it was trying to talk to me, but instead of meowing it made an odd kind of growl. I gave the poor little thing some attention and affection: just as well it was near dark and I couldn’t see the full extent of its illness. As I stroked the poor little mite I reassured it: “don’t worry baby, we’re all strays on this planet, most of us are cast aside and left to fend for ourselves”. I felt a huge affinity for the poor creature, what a terrible thing, a beautiful animal neglected and sick. I told it, it could come and live on my planet…..



It occurred to me a while back: I want my own planet, ‘cos this one here is a real drag. Don’t get me wrong: we live in a world full of great natural beauty, it’s the people in it that ruin it for me.

I’m sick of the workings of English society, it’s never been worse. I’m not talking about the likes of me or the average Joe, because I sincerely believe the working classes are just getting on with their lives, labouring hard and getting little in return, as usual. Although I’m not certain they’re fantastically altruistic either……

My disdain is mostly directed towards the greedy elite that rule this country. As Mr Corbyn says, our society is rigged to benefit only the rich. It has always been so and no doubt will continue to be so. Sadly I don’t believe change is possible now: the capitalist machine is like a huge snowball rolling down a never ending ski slope, it’s too big and has gathered too much momentum to stop now. History says every organised civilisation must crash and burn eventually, but I don’t think that will occur in my lifetime. And even if it did, the hopelessly stoned, brainwashed and badly educated young in our society simply wouldn’t know what the fuck to do. I don’t know many kids that can cook let alone actually grow their own food.



I’m sick of Stone Age religions ( which is all of them ) preaching hate instead of love. Why don’t they put their gold and treasures where their fucking mouths are? How about organised religions doing something radical like feeding the poor instead of stealing from them? Guess that’s a bridge too far Mr Pope? Oh and tell your mates to “leave those kids alone”!!!

I’m so fucking tired of mealy mouthed politicians telling us what’s good for us and how we should behave ( “work sets you free” ), whilst they blatantly thieve and steal ANYTHING they can lay their hands on, without ever doing a day’s work. I’m sick of the massively biased media, with all of it’s lies and bullshit, designed to manufacture our consent for the ruling classes to do exactly as they please to our country, whilst being completely unaccountable. I’m sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short sighted, narrow minded hypocrites and tight lipped, condescending chauvinists ( sorry Johnny ), who support war and evil on a massive scale. I’m not like them, I never will be, it’s simply not in my nature.

I’ve never felt the need to control other people. I’ve never felt the need to gloat over other people’s misfortune. I’ve never felt the desire to have something so strongly I had to steal it. And I’ve certainly never felt the need to harm animals ( far from it! ), which seems to be stock in trade for the elite. Fox hunting? How about human hunting? And can we start with all the fat, lazy rich pigs in Parliament?



I guess everyone, especially as they get older, still has a little hope there is some sort of after life; Heaven, Nirvana, Samadi, whatever. And I guess that’s where my planet is, beyond death, and beyond life too. It’s always warm and sunny there: there’s no pollution and no noisy engines of any variety. There’s lots of animals there, living in harmony with me and maybe a small village-worth of other humans, who abhor violence, hatred and abuse as much as I do. No one will want to manipulate anyone, instead we’ll cooperate with each other, and totally respect one another. We’ll make music and dance lots, and they’ll only be one law, and that’s LOVE: Love one another, Love the planet, and Love yourself.

Strictly by invite only……




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