Welcome to the Modern World – Amazing Myths and Legends no.1: Jimi Hendrix, a Beatle,
Just for one day!


According to Hunter Davis’ definitive Beatles bio, sometime in early Spring 1967, whilst recording Sgt Pepper, Paul McCartney and George Harrison had a major row, which resulted in George storming out of Abbey road studios, telling Paul to “stick it up yer jacksie, I quit!”

After the furore died down, Lennon jokingly suggested they give Jimi Hendrix a call. Paul laughed then said it would be great fun to jam with Jimi. The call was made and Mal Evans, the Beatles roadie, was dispatched in Lennon’s psychedelic Rolls Royce to collect Jimi from his flat in Montagu square.

With the preliminaries of smoking a couple of large Hash joints dispensed, Mal bought Jimi’s Marshall amp and a 4×12 cabinet into studio 2, and Hendrix arranged his pedals and plugged in his white Strat. Jimi started playing the riff to “Day Tripper, much to Ringo’s delight, and pretty soon John and Paul fell into he groove. In the control room, Geoff Emerick , the engineer that day, decided to hit the record button on the 4 track Studer J37. Very little of the sessions have leaked out on bootleg, tho sources close to the band say that he reason Hendrix knew “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely hearts club” when he opened with it at the Saville theatre in London on June the 4th 1967, is because he played on it’s prototype. Other unreleased gems from the session include “Pink Litmus paper shirt”, a Hendrix/Lennon composition ( described by insiders as somewhere between “She said, she said” and “Crosstown Traffic” ) “Peace of Mind” ( with a very stoned Syd Barrett on vocals, Floyd were recording “Piper” in studio 3 ) and a 10 plus minute jam around “Tomorrow never knows”.

Of course, McCartney called George Harrison the next day and apologised unreservedly, and the Pepper sessions continued. But on that one day, the history of Rock’n’Roll could have taken a very different turn……


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Just for one day!”

  1. Groovy to the max! I never knew that… Great vid.

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