This article was written mid March 2013

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I read an article on my AOL email client the other day; its headline was “cold spell to last beyond Easter”. Now I know certain people appear to have the power of cognition, an ability to see into the future, to predict events unknown. But a crummy hack writer, quoting from some unknown “expert”? I don’t think so. How could anybody possibly predict the weather beyond a couple of days, perhaps a week? As Jed Wilson said, the only predictable thing about the weather is its unpredictability. And to say that it can be accurately forecasted long term is utter nonsense, unless you live somewhere like Florida (I did, for four glorious years) where the weather is thus: Hot in the winter, much hotter in spring, and really, really hot in the summer, end.

So why you ask, does Terence (to paraphrase our American cousins) have a “hair up his ass” about this insignificant article? Because it’s another lie, another piece of brainwashing, more spin, propaganda, hyperbole, and frankly I’m sick of it. More negative bullshit to make everyone more unhappy, even more cheesed off.

The government utilise the media in lots of ways, and mostly it’s to spread mis-information. Our politicians and the media seem to share a common interest, to hoodwink the general public and relieve them of their hard earned cash, and keep them fearful. The shinola AOL weather forecast is just one example. As Crowley said, “Roughly speaking, any man with energy and enthusiasm ought to be able to bring at least a dozen others round to his opinion in the course of a year no matter how absurd that opinion might be. We see every day in politics, in business, in social life, large masses of people brought to embrace the most revolutionary ideas, sometimes within a few days. It is all a question of getting hold of them in the right way and working on their weak points.”


The urban myth. “It’s got to be true, it was on the telly! Or as L Ron Hubbard said, “If you want to make real money, invent a religion”.

What about the current horse meat scandal? Does anyone really believe what we are told our food contains is ever the truth? C’mon, the food industry throws all sorts of shite into our food. Rusk? Oh isn’t that grated hooves etc.? It’s offal, to give it another term the discarded parts of an animal carcass. But Rusk, how gentle does that sound? Lovely Farley’s Rusk. Dead flesh for babies. Apparently very popular in days gone by, they used it to throw at convicted criminals and murderers being led to jail or the noose, as a way of showing disrespect. Nowadays they pop it in your pie. Nice. So dear reader, do you really believe they’re telling the truth about food ingredients generally, and have they ever?

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But it doesn’t end there, oh no. There’s so many dreadful lies coming from our government, it’s difficult to know where to start. So for your edification and information, here’s what the government really mean when they say……


1) “Unemployment is going down” – They’ve cooked the books once more! Perhaps they mean amongst the immigrant population? My old job is now done by a Hungarian. The last time I went to the Jobcentre, the queue was right to the door, and it would have continued outside had it not been for the door being automatic. Camoron speaks about rewarding the hardworking people in this country, but according to his governments figures 95% of people on benefits are in work. Obviously Dave’s buddies aren’t dreadfully generous. People are desperate for employment and if it has to be part time, so be it, as long as there’s something better than £71 coming in every week. And what’s all this strivers and skivers bollocks? Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m sleeping on sacks full of tenners that I stole from you hard working people. The Christians are pointing out it’s the system that’s failing the people not vice versa. Check this out:

C’mon you Christians, kick some ass! Speaking of whom……


2) “This is a Christian country” – What they really mean is immorality and corruption are the new religion. How can we be at War and be a Christian country? You don’t have to read the Bible to figure that out Dave. I’m reminded of our thriving Arms trade. Can’t see “thou shall sell guns and bombs to despots” anywhere in the Commandments. To lie and cheat and steal from the people? Stock in trade for our government, hardly something that Christ would ever have endorsed. Our ruling classes are totally drunk on power, take anything they can get, and give nothing back. I’m starting to feel genuinely sorry for these fools, who put money above all else, and worship it like a God. Brothers, you will never know the simplistic beauty of the world, and surely “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”.

Incidentally, how come the Cross is offensive, while the Burka isn’t? Whilst I find Burkas a bit scary, we all have to live on this planet together, so I must tolerate and respect this custom, however misogynistic I might think it is. Sorry, just exercising my freedom of speech. Nowadays, if you want to discuss Islam or Homosexual marriage in our “politically correct” times you’re immediately deemed a bigot or worse still, ignorant. But surely we must talk about it?

Thank you Joe Stalin

The ruling classes try to alienate different sections of religious and non-religious society, and confuse many to the point of depression and unhappiness. The wonder and spirituality has been taken out of life, replaced by a hypnotised lust for material goods, promoted in the most sexist and ageist way possible. If we were a truly Christian nation, we’d be in a lot better shape. For a start we wouldn’t be spending sinful amounts of money killing people, we wouldn’t be abusing the senior members of our society and we’d keep an eye on the all the outcasts and failures, just like Jesus would. Not let them fall downstairs drunk, and break their back, like the Afghan vet that lives down the way from me did. Put it like this; if we really were a Christian nation, would we be in worse shape than we are now?


3) “Deal effectively with the issues” – Ignore the problem completely, and hope it goes away, and if it doesn’t, attempt to bury the issue for years and years so some other poor bastard eventually gets the blame. Hillsboro anyone? There seems to be a little squabble going on between the OB and Dave. The 5 have threatened a “no confidence in the government” vote, though quite how they think this would affect Parliament is beyond me. Unless the Queen lends them her ancient balls! Their wage is threatened with a further squeeze, and they don’t think it’s fair……but don’t worry guys, George Osborne is going to save you.

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4) “Our drug policy is working” – They are making shedloads of cash from drugs being illegal, plus all of their mates get jobs for life with well above average wages, pursuing an endless, unattainable goal, the war on drugs. And never mind the appalling social consequences ay Dave?

Our Government is motivated by one thing only, money, and they no doubt get plenty of that from the sale of all drugs and various organised criminals greasing major palm. It’s said that 20 “Pot factories” are discovered every day in the UK, imagine how much that costs to police? I have the solution to the financial and employment woes of this country: legalise Marijuana. We can employ so many people in its growth and processing, then there’s the tax revenue, which I suppose has swung it’s decriminalisation in some states in the US.

All the experts in the field have been imploring the Government to decriminalise/legalise drugs for the last few years. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, just that it’s the only thing to do; it’s common sense, not a moral issue.

There are so many people employed to impose more and more laws, and spend more and more of our money to enforce them. Jobs for the boys.

Didn’t you say you’d cut bureaucracy Dave……?


“I’m inclined to agree with those conspiracy theorists who insist that governments increase their control over us and over our money by drawing our attention to a crisis – real or perceived – exaggerating it to scare us with the help of the media which has a similar agenda to those in power, and with the help of those who stand to benefit financially from grants etc., and then offering or forcing the “solution”. The “facts” of global warming and climate change have been questioned and denied by many scientists, but dissenters are ignored or silenced, and fear the loss of their positions.”


Our government is rotten to the core; it no longer works for the people, just the bureaucrats and politicians. We need to replace it with a much fairer, more people responsible, respectable system, because until we do our country is heading towards even darker, harder times……

And Barn says; here’s how they’re killing the NHS;

Barn's flow chart

This flowchart comes from the National health action party: a group that values the idea that the NHS is an expression of some kind of national solidarity and compassion. I agree with them but I am of course, biased. I worked in the NHS for 35 years and from my perspective, governments (both Tory and New Labour), have been unwilling to properly fund the NHS. Instead staff at all levels, are bombarded with what I called ‘weapons of mass distraction’; obscuring real issues and getting in the way of doing the proper work. The bureaucracy at times Orwellian in nature, grew with each new software upgrade and government shuffle. It no doubt continues to grow. This information-gathering took on a psychotic quality that equated the statistics about patients and their treatment, with the hands-on work itself. Believe me; clicking on drop down menus is not the same as sitting with someone who is suicidal! Sadly the more market forces riddled the services so information became more highly valued than the actual care of people. Certainly it seems we are down the road some way to the dismantling of the NHS and I can’t help feeling that it’s a betrayal of our parents’ generation somehow, and of us all really…..

Malcolm Barnes

And a lot of what I’ve said is reflected in the lyrics of this song……




“Alwright Tel?”


7 Responses to “Liars!”

  1. Well said Tev!

    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

  2. Well, i think you’re wrong about rusk. I’m quite sure it’s made from wheat. Butcher’s rusk is made from some form of ground up wheat biscuit.

    The cross offends me, but so does the burka. All religions offend me really. But the burka is nothing to do with religion – it’s fucked up macho culture.

    As far as decriminalization of drugs goes, i’ve got a sneaking suspicion that anti-decriminalization lobby is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry – they don’t want the competition. However, i must say, drugs are for mugs!

  3. Oh, and, weather forecasting…. There is actually a lot of science behind it. And, over the years, as meteorologists have learnt more about how it works, the forecasts have got noticeably better. In most parts of Australia, weather forecasts seem to be reasonably accurate. However, the weather in Britain seems a lot more unpredictable. But that’s not the weather forecasters’ fault!

  4. Very entertaining, and with pretty pictures too. Add to your list of lies/ doublespeak: “Openness and transparency”. The truth is “mist and mirrors”

  5. I like the way you weaved a fair smattering of porkies into your article about porkies…as Dudley Moore (Stanley Moon, the soul) says to Peter Cook (the devil) in ‘Bedazzled’, ‘Now I don’t know what to believe!’. The devil responds, ‘Well, don’t believe me Stanley, believe me’

  6. Check this out
    Another drug war stat: the victims of crime committed by drug addicts……

  7. I keep reading this in our local rag, as a comment about housing benefit fraud from the council:
    “We will take action against anyone defrauding the public purse and claiming money to which they’re not entitled”.
    Good work Danno, now get your asses to Parliament and apply that action to the MPs and Peers please……

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