This piece was written on Tuesday the 9th of August 2011

Before I begin this piece, I’d just like to say, I abhor violence in anyway, shape or form, and the criminal opportunists and children who rioted in our cities these past few days should feel the full measure of the law.

But I have to laugh when I hear the media call these people criminals, which of course they are, but hey? Isn’t hacking into a murdered person’s phone criminal? Isn’t the false hope they gave to the loved ones of this person absolutely and utterly abmonable, beyond reprehensible, criminally evil? Just to sell more newspapers, to make them more money. Again, not to make light or in anyway excuse the rioting, but the media make these idiots look like Pick’n’Mix shoplifters!

And I also laugh again when I hear our “politicians” talk about the rioters being criminals, because to my mind, there are no bigger criminals in this country than the ruling classes. They are totally and utterly corrupt, completely rotten to the core. They don’t have to go out and loot a Plasma telly, they just stick it on their expenses and hope no one’s watching. These “politicians” have got to realise, we don’t believe a word they say, and as Truman said about Nixon, we know when they’re lying, it’s when their lips move! They have screwed billions and billions of pounds out of this country, with their dear friends and colleagues, the bankers, and continue to do so, yet tell us they’ve cleaned up their act. They are singularly responsible for the massive lowering of the moral tone in this country, as I’ve said before, your average brainwashed consumer thinks well, the politicians can get away with murder and seem to have no conscience, we’ll have some of that!

The politicians can’t ever fix the damage they’ve done to their reputation, the expenses scandal has confirmed politics is one big “Old boy’s club” where the gravy train is ridden daily, nay hourly. And no worries if you’re disgraced or sacked, you’ll get a nice fat pension and one of your buddies will give your a job as an advisor with a huge salary to boot. And if anyone still thinks that any of these “people” give a damn about us, well I’m afraid you’re sorely mistaken. They have one God, one goal, and that’s money, nothing more. They’ve raped and wrecked our society, and expect us to foot the bill!

These “politicians” approve the brainwashing of the masses via tv and the media in general, programming them to desire the newest car, the newest appliance or gadget, to perpetuate the consumer society. Trouble is, the goodies keep getting more and more costly. These fools who looted probably saw it as their only chance to get their hands on the big prizes, hypnotised in their desire to consume, without any thought for the consequences. And if their motivation was political, why not riot in Parliament, three quarters of the country would be rooting for them!

And of course we couldn’t use water cannons to break up the rioters? In a week where Amnesty and other human rights organisations refused to engage with the government about their policy on torture, because they think the debate will have no credibility, what, we can torture people, but heaven forbid we use a water cannon! Yeah, right……

And who gave our children the power over adults? Probably the same politically correct persons who are angry about the self same kids trashing our cities. These kids have no respect for themselves or others. And heaven forbid we attempt to discipline them. When I see toddlers out on my street after 6 pm I have to wonder what the hell are their parents thinking? Not from the hysterical “the streets are alive with Paedophiles” bullshit the media spout to sell papers, but from a love/respect standpoint. Do these people know where their kids are? Judging by recent events the answer must be no.

I do believe we can make this beautiful country honest and decent again, and I do sincerely believe the majority of people in this country have a well balanced set of morals, and do know right from wrong. Such a pity we can’t depend in any way, shape or form on our government, or the media to show us the way……


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  1. I see that that nice Mr Cameron suggested suspending access to social networking sites as a possible response to future unrest. And he got a resounding endorsement for that … from the Chinese, who know a thing or two about suppressing civil unrest. So he must be on the right lines then. We don’t want something as tiresome as freedom of speech interfering with the political classes’ power to maintain order, stability, the thousand year reich, etc. etc.

  2. If only it were that simple Mr Ruffle. In my opinion, the problems we now face were borne of the 60’s and early 70’s morality which spawned the left wing ‘do-gooders’ who created our current state of political correctness. A state in which crime is rewarded with understanding and warmth rather than punishment. References to bent politicians and greedy bankers are also just symptoms of the nanny state we have created. Bring back corporal punishment in schools and national service I say.

  3. Our father, who art in prison, only mum know’s his name, thy riots come, read it in the Sun, in Birmingham, as it is in London, give us this day our welfare bread & forgive us our looting, as we’re happy to loot those who defend stuff against us, lead us not into employment, but deliver us free housing, for thine is the spliff, the blackberry & the lager, forever & ever ……….. innit

  4. I love your faux outrage 🙂

    Look people have rioted and looted down the centuries whenever they saw the chance. They were even looting during the Blitz which was supposed to be our finest hour.

    People loot when law and order seems to break down..always have done. It happens. Let’s move on.

  5. I wrestled with whether I should approve your comment Craig, but in the hope there is still free speech in this country I did.
    You may have read else where on my site I’m a stickler for facts, so I’d like to see your source material pertaining to the Blitz.
    To say “it happens” is far too easy, but could I suggest you pop down to the East end of London where the looting took place and tell the people there “it happens” and to “move on” and see how they respond?
    Cheers! T

  6. Terry, there was deffo looting in the blitz, I recall my Grandpop telling me about it. Even the bloody part-time firemen were at it according to the Old Bailey records at the time: I quote from the Sparticus Educational website:

    One of the most shocking crimes committed during wartime was the looting from bombed houses. In the first eight weeks of the London Blitz a total of 390 cases of looting was reported to the police. On 9th November, 1940, the first people tried for looting took place at the Old Bailey. Of these twenty cases, ten involved members of the Auxiliary Fire Service.

  7. “White riot, I wanna riot, I wanna riot….” We all sang it but none of us meant it. Predictably the Daily Mail used the riots as an excuse to blame ‘liberal attitudes’ and equally predictably the liberals (of whom I am proud to be a part) did not stoke up the argument by responding (and there was so much that could be said). 6 months on we have a much clearer idea of what went on and the only thing we really know is that sticking plaster solutions DO NOT WORK.

  8. First, if there’s been an emergency on the level of the tasnumi, or Katrina, or a 9/11, it ain’t looting (at least to me) when you’re taking food, water, or other necessities from damaged shops if there’s no one guarding those shops (owners washed away to sea, maybe?). Now, sorry, but that 60 inch plasma TV is not a necessity no matter how much you may want one and say it is.Second, if you want to see REAL LOOTING, just take a look at what’s happening here in this country, as the wealthy loot the middle class and the poor.I guess that’s a lesser crime than what’s going to happen soon, which, after they finally kill all of us, will be grave robbing!’But, by then, they’ll change the laws and digging up corpses to pull the pennies off the eyes, or the gold from the teeth, in their never ending quest for more, more, more, grave robbing won’t be a crime, it’ll be called A Decomposition Donation. After all, our Galtian Overlords deserve every last shekel from every last one of us. They’ve earned it!Breaking into a store at night and taking a 60 inch plasma pales in comparison to what’s happening out in broad daylight in this country.Shit, the Somali pirates would be ashamed if we were ever to compare them to the rich assholes in this country. At least they loot and steal because they need to. Not because they enjoy it.

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