Charles Birch- Showman

Further to Charles Birch’s excellent comment about his Great Grandfather, I received this:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hi Terence!

Here are a few images for you – don’t know if they’ll be of any use to you, but still…?!

1) A later picture postcard of Anita the ‘Living Doll’.

2) The photograph (date unknown) I was talking of, featuring my Great Grandpa Charlie Birch, and Anita ‘The Living Doll’ who is visable but just slightly out of shot.  She occupied his ‘Living’ carriage.

3) An earlier photograph (taken in 1910) of my Great Grandpa, aged 50, with dogs and a Shetland pony that featured in his famous Midget Show that starred Anita ‘The Living Doll’.  Eddie Monte is stood at the living van door.  Photograph courtesy of UK Fairground Ancestors website.





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