Geoff Younger’s Circus photo archive


Here’s a selection of photos which Geoff Younger emailed me, of Bostock and Wombwell’s circus. Aren’t they fabulous? Thank you so much for sharing them with us Geoff, Kushti Jo!












6 Responses to “Geoff Younger’s Circus photo archive”

  1. Thank you


    Geoffrey Younger

  2. Geoffrey – where in the world did you find these photographs, they are wonderful. I just wish my Uncle Stan was still alive to see them.

  3. They are photos I have collected – my Great Grandad, Arthur Feely worked for Bostock and Wombwell menagerie.


    Geoffrey Younger

  4. Dear Geoffrey

    This is almost incredible. My Grandfather, was ‘young Arthur’ – your great-grandad’s uncle. My grandad married a lady called Gladys Sheard. Little Arthur died when my mother (Patricia Feeley) was only 2 years old – she is now almost 80! Little Arthur had a brother, his name was George Feeley.

  5. Hi Alison,

    Very glad to hear from you.

    If you want to contact me I have got some photos of Little Arthur


  6. I am part of a Bostock family in Somerset. Apparently we are related to the Bostocks of the Circus fame. At Wookey Hole in Somerset ( which has been bought by Gerry Cottle) there is a collection of Bostock and other circus wagons etc.

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